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These llamas are residents of our Taos sanctuary. For more information contact Stuart & Leah.

Dhani Dhani

Dhani is a 4-5 year old gelded male, who is a small in size and big in attitude. He was rescued from a home in Laguna Pueblo, where he was a single animal in a pasture, with little human socialization, and no socialization with other llamas. He seems to have been physically abused.

He has been with us for a few years now, and because of his dominant attitude, has integrated and held his own with our older, intact males. He was too much of a bully with the other adolescent males.

When we first rescued him, he was quite a spitter, and would make aggressive gurgly noises and foam at the mouth when approached. He is now much more approachable, is halter trained, but still digs in deep, and refuses to walk on a lead.

He is really cute, and would make a nice pasture animal for someone. This is one animal who would probably fine being by himself, because of his history. If he is with other llamas, he should be with other dominant animals, and monitored closely, as he will bully other young llamas. Dhani would not make a good packer, due to his size and disposition and requires someone experienced with Llamas.