September 2020

9/15  There are several llama related facebook groups that need moderators or even just someone to join the group and reply with info that SWLR can help. Would each of you join at least one facebook related llama group and monitor it or offer to moderate? One rehome group in your state would help.

There are alpaca/llama rehome groups that needs more members and moderators. Here are a few:
The Llama Group
Washington Alpaca Llama Rehome
California Llama Alpaca Rehome
Classic Llama Group
Oregon Alpaca Llama Rehome
Nevada Llama Alpaca Rehome
Utah Llama/Alpaca Rehome
(add more group names please)

9/15  A friend of baxter's, Julia Balinsky in Austin, has been mailing out llama print masks to volunteers with llama rescue. So if you get a small package in the mail from Julia, it is a gift from us. Julia is sewing masks to "save the world" one mask at a time. If you have not received a mask, send me your address and I will send to Julia. Stay healthy everyone.
The masks are wonderful and recipients are happy to have them.

9/25  A link to artwork for a llama magnet was posted.  It is at /Promo/llama-magnet-2.jpeg

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