Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

September 2018

9/2  Baxter reported the death of Zoe, #407, who along with her daughter Coco, #406, were both 21 plus years old.  They are both sponsor llamas.

9/3  Pat provided a status report:
Clayton NM Update
Two yearling males were transported to Walsenburg CO. where they will  begin their training to be packers. Their trainer is Kent Greentree.  They have been adopted and the adoption fee is being sent.
Herdsire Macho,  9 years old, will be gelded this week so he can be adopted with his "wife" who is also 9 years old. We are looking for an adopter for this pair.   They are at Pat's.  Macho's gelding fee was about $150.
We have four females and two male crias at our facility  in Ruidoso. The females are all likely pregnant.
Working on a plan to send pregnant females to Kerrville TX maternity ward with midwife, Baxter.
The remaining males, Parker included, will likely go to Colorado to be trained as packers,  pending confirmation.
3 females remain in Clayton for pick up.

A herd of 30-40 llamas in the Fairplay, CO area are awaiting rescue.  The elderly owner is hospitalized and will not return home due to advanced age and poor health.  A plan is being devised.

13 white female alpacas, (#436-448) were picked up in Bennett for delivery to our Kerrville Facility before moving to their forever home in Bartonville.

9/4  Baxter is dealing with a sick llama, calls about a blind llama, emails from volunteers and is involved in transport and treasurer duties.  The owner of the blind llama is in OK and has had llamas for 16 years.  She was already doing everything her vet and Baxter recommended.  She was hoping for an alternative to euthanasia.  Is there a sanctuary with a big barn or stalls where the llama could live out her life with care.  Any ideas?  Staying in a familiar place seems the best answer and Susi Huelsmeyer-Sinay suggested a consultation with Dr. Robert Callan at Colorado State.

9/11  SWLR is paying Dr.Franklin Vet Clinic $441.18 for Dixie who is living with Simone.  Simone reported that the abscess has ruptured and is being flushed.  She is finally putting weight on it though it won't be her last time with an infection as the rough edges of the bone will continue to slough.

9/15. Lynda spoke at length with a woman about llama care-taking.

9/19  A woman in Berthoud, CO is downsizing and needs to find a home for her 2 female llamas who are sisters and about 12 years old.

9/19  Lynda showed two llamas at Southwest Child Care Center in Albuquerque to pre-school kids.  As a state funded program, Lynda volunteered to do a llama education and outreach.

The woman who asked for assistance with a stray male llamas she took has decided to keep him now that she has had him gelded and Nails, shots and teeth done.

9/21  Mika, #451, had a male cria this week, Miguel, #463.  Both needed a trip to the Franklin Vet Clinic and are now at Cheryl's.  The bill was about $380 for both.  Mika is underweight.  Cheryl reported that Mika is producing more and more milk.  Hopefully Miguel's supplementation with goat milk will only be needed for a couple more days.

9/25  Baxter is closing out a CD financed by late Rinda Metz's donation to be used for long term care of her llamas that is paying only 1.5% and is due to renew next year.  She has found another at Pentagon Federal Credit Union paying 3.0% over 5 years.  The interest penalty will be paid back within a few months.

9/25  Baxter continues to care for the old llamas plus some possible pregnant ones and a male youngster and one gelding.  The youngster, Parker, has been halter & lead trained and will be moved as soon as transport can be arranged.
The alpacas are resting before transport to their forever home.  Transport expected Oct. 12.  Fecals were clean and only another couple still need to have their toenails trimmed.  None are trained.
Repairs continued on the trailer donated by Rinda Metz.  It has required some rust removal, painting, hole repair, new tires & bearings packed and new lights.  Volunteers helped with much of it.  It should be ready now.

9/26  Baxter told us the Fall issue of the RMLA Journal has many articles that are not to be missed.  SWLR has an ad on page 9.

9/27  A SWLR Team along with a crew out of Houston, Texas is leaving tomorrow to attempt to rescue 35-40 llamas in Jefferson, CO.  

9/28  The woman in Berthoud has changed her mind about downsizing.


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