October 2020

10/1  A reminder from Rhondi Church Smith of Olympic Peninsula Llama Alpaca Rescue:

We always need to realize when animals are surrendered, their owners cared enough to realize they need more than what they are giving and they reach out for help.

This to me, though some may argue, is honorable. We all usually will try our best, but knowing when your best isn't enough, I believe is compassionate....

10/1  Nancy H. adopted Senora #563 after fostering her for about a year. Nancy is expanding her llama foster activity and will take in the excess llamas from Lynda Liptak who now has 14 llamas. Lynda will assist Nancy with her set up and llama training.

10/4  SWLR volunteers, Alyson Gilman, Lynda Liptak, Eric and Lina Gustafsen, assisted by Kent Greentree, Robin Benton, Zephyr Rea, and friends of Alyson captured 26 llamas at a ranch near Fairplay, CO. We sorted out the only three females (one with a male cria) and loaded them up to go to Lynda's place, Llamas del Sol in Albuquerque, to be worked on by Lynda and prepared for adoption.

10/6  A woman in central Kansas emailed to ask for help.  Her husband passed away and she is in her 70's and can no longer provide the care she knows they need.  baxter passed it on to Ranee, the Nebraska coordinator.

10/12  A woman in north Texas is looking for some alpacas.  She sent an application and photos of the property.  Is someone working with her?

10/13  Lynda sheared two of the Fairplay, CO females and conducted ultrasounds to check pregnancy. She also gave them CD&T vaccines. Possible pregnancy with the mother who has a 4 month cria. 

Ellen assigned Numbers to these intakes from Amanda:

  • Hazel, 5 years old female, mother Brown and white #564
  • Pipkin, 4 month old male cria brown and white -- misto. #565
  • Blackberry, 4 year old female black with white bracelets -- misto or huarizo. #566
  • Holly, 4 year old female all brown #567

10/13  Three Aspen llamas were adopted on 10/10 but returned on October 13 when their dogs went into the llama area and injured two of the llamas. The llamas were treated by the local veterinarian who described the injuries as superficial except for the cria who went into shock and was treated for two days at the clinic. Kova, 4 month old cria, was reunited to continue nursing at the insistence of Lynda and then all returned to Lynda for their care and recovery. The couple will not be adopting any llamas while they have dogs. The other injured llama was Pepper who now has staples on her left hind quarter. Staples will be removed about October 27.

10/16  Robin Benton helped with a recent pickup of llamas organized by Lynda and Alyson & Eric and has offered to help with the Colorado llama/Alpaca Rehome group.



Monument, CO

10/16  Lynda rescued three llamas surrendered in San Antonio, NM: Chewbacca is one of SWLR llamas, a gelded male; Cinder, a female, and Nutmeg, Cinder's brother, a gelded male. Lynda transported two female alpacas at the same time as a favor to  the alpaca owner to be boarded with Rhonda in Santa Fe. Cynthia donated alfalfa hay to continue the care of her llamas. Lynda traded away 80 bales to get 120 bales loaded, hauled, and stacked at her location. Nancy H. in Corrales, NM is taking in additional llamas for SWLR and has taken in Chewy, Cinder, and Nutmeg. Cinder and Nutmeg need SWLR numbers assigned.

10/20  Jon and Christy Tecker have agreed to help coordinate in Nebraska & Kansas. They recently picked up 7 llamas being surrendered in Kansas. They have agreed to foster at this point until the llamas are vetted.  The llamas came from a recent widow who needed to move closer to family and away from her rural property.

10/21  Susan posted an ad for an audiobook on sale today for $1.99 from Chirp.  It is called Llama Drama and recounts two friend's 5500-mile bike ride through the Andes where they met llamas.

10/24  PayPal Giving Fund donated $77.00 to SWLR from generous donors who recommended SWLR.

10/30  L'illette Vasquez is settling to to RV on baxter's property.  She brought a gelding alpaca with her and he has joined the llamas.
Nicky Nelson also moved in to her RV on baxter's property.
3 old geldings moved from Pat's to baxter's transported by Nicky and L'illette who also moved some equipment to baxter's.


10/31  In October, Lynda received 8 requests from people looking for llamas, one from someone needing to rehome 3 intact males and one from someone needing to rehome his wild intact male, Chico.  Maura Benton, Robin's daughter is assisting with the rehoming of Chico who has knocked some people down and needs a skilled handler.

10/31  Amanda notified us that Bea Bartle died recently.  She said many of her babies are being prepared for rehoming.

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