Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

October 2019

10/7  baxter warned that some list mail is going to her spam folder so everyone should check theirs.

10/8  baxter had a farm day.  2 vets and an assistant microchipped 4 llamas including 1 junior male from West Texas, plus looked at two others.  Sue and Anna handled the CDT, ivermectin and some toenail trimming.  "Llama Lullaby" or thiamine was suggested for next time.  baxter asked for suggestions as to what to use.  Valerian, Rescue Remedy and a tea towel over the eyes had worked for some but no all.  Joy uses Dormosedan Gel, an oral.  Amount to use varies with the lama but it does work.  She learned about it at UC Davis.

10/16  Yahoo groups is closing.  Transfer any files you want before it happens.  Would anyone want to take on the project of moving everything to

10/20  baxter picked up a very old female llama who is covered in tumors and extremely thin.  Her people and all of her herd had died.  She was alone on an abandoned property with someone going over to feed her.

10/21  A woman inquired on the Facebook volunteer page for a female guard llama for her 3 alpacas.  She was directed to the public page and the website and her state coordinator.  baxter also asked her to consider 2 or more.

10/21  Someone wrote on the Facebook volunteer page to say thank you for rescuing a llama and to sing the praises of both baxter and llamas in general.

10/28  A SWLR volunteer found and rescued a loose llama.

10/29  Nina's power has been turned off due to a nearby wildfire.  She has an additional 8 llamas that were evacuated from fire danger.  She has 300 gallons of rain water and plenty of feed.  Will haul in water if necessary.  Jerry offered to take the llamas until danger passed.

10/30  SELR received a request from a TV producer in LA who is working on a new show all about adopting and rescuing dogs.  She wants to also do a short segment on other animals in need of help and adoption.  She would like to possibly feature lamas.  SWLR being in the area was thought to be a better fit for her needs.  There were several suggestions as to who would be a good interview and ways to connect for filming.

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