Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

October 2018

10/3 Baxter reported that most of the llamas (20 plus) were rescued this past weekend. Final count and the rest of the llamas will come later. The rescue included a donkey, ewe, and alpaca.  Several people took part, including but not all,  Pat & ET, Lynda Liptak, Gayle Woodsum, Kent Greentree, 2 volunteers with TLAER, plus family members. The rescue was not easy but very necessary. It is an adventurous story to come later once all the animals are picked up.
The motel invoice & hay so far amounted to about $1100. The Sheriff's department helped with the vet expense. All expenses have not been reported yet. The males will need gelding & fighting teeth cut & microchipped. The females are most likely pregnant. Thank goodness there have been donations to cover such a needed rescue.
Thank goodness all the participants have had safe travels. Kudos to all involved.

10/5 Betsy Bell's last llama died.  Records indicate Epona was born in 1990 which would make her 28.  Baxter had reported to us that she had been up and down with help for a few weeks.

10/5 Jonna Johnson, from Magnolia, near Houston helped with the latest rescue near Fairplay.  She is with Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue.
Jerry Kimbro, El Dorado Honey, from Shingle Springs, CA is a long time llama owner and involved with rescue.
Karl Niemann, Berthoud, CO is a long time llama owner and involved with rescue.
All 3 have been added to our email list and 2 more were added on 10/6:
Ellen Jackson, Kerrville, TX, is a long time volunteer and new SWLR Board member.
Mandy Woodbury is a llama rescuer/owner near Como, CO.

10/7 Pat, ET, Jonna, Jake, Kent, Gayle and Lynda with 3 trailers rounded up a total of 28 animals near Fairplay/Jefferson Colorado. 1 alpaca, 1 donkey, 26 llamas on Sept 28 & 29 & 30. 11 intact males went to Pat & ET's place. 11 llamas went to baxter's place.  Donkey, alpaca, 5 females went to Gayle's place.  Expenses for this rescue, which is not complete, were paid by donations from others or by donations of those who helped with the rescue. Some volunteers donated their gas as well as their time.  More llamas need to be picked up.  It is snowing in Colorado high country already.

10/12 Aaron, Chandler, Ellen, June, & baxter loaded the older female alpacas into the trailer this am. After a long trip (Aaron & Chandler drove), the alpacas were unloaded into a beautiful pasture that is their retirement home. All are well & safe. The trailer is currently stuck in the mud at the new home to be moved hopefully tomorrow. Texas has had a lot of rain lately.

10/24 Pat received a post about a llama who has been wandering loose for months in the Lewis Lake area of Yellowstone.  Susi Hulsmeyer-Sinay is in the area and will call Park Service.  She quickly reported that the owner has a trekking business leasing his llamas for trekking in the park.  The owner made an attempt to catch the llama but abandoned him when capture was unsuccessful.  He has been loose since August.  Park roads will close for the winter on November 5 and the llama will not survive.  Susi moved at light speed and we heard on 10/29 that the llama has been caught and now belongs to Susi.  She has changed his name to Lewis.  We later learned that 4 humans and 3 carefully selected llamas set out Sunday morning, October 28 with all the necessary gear to stay for a couple of days.  They quickly found the llama on the other side of a body of water and decided to return to camp, loaded up the llamas and drove to a nearby trailhead and set out again with the llamas.  After about a mile, they were rewarded by the llama approaching them at speed.  He shortly decided to follow the humans, llamas and rattling of a grain bucket.  He fell into step and followed all back to the trailer, just like a regular pack trip.  After a quick inspection of the unfamiliar trailer he jumped right in with his new llama buddies.  Everyone was home by 10 PM.  Susi is now treating him for a cheek abscess which is looking much better.  The previous owner has transferred ownership to Susi.

10/31 Lynda reported that she has rehomed 3 llamas from the Denkai animal rescue and the male from Laguna has been gelded and rehomed with another gelding to another couple.


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