Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

November 2019

11/13  baxter is looking for someone to volunteer to be Membership Coordinator (or some title of your choosing). It would mean collecting $20/yr (or some decided amount) from each member for SWLR. Then compiling member lists of contact info. Then sending each member info on biz cards, maybe a list of the latest forms used for volunteers (health records, etc). Betsy Bell started it before she passed and it has been laying undone since then. Betsy at one time had vehicle magnets made for SWLR, for example. Let baxter know before year end so we can start in January with members!

11/13  SWLR reports to state and federal to maintain SWLR 501(c)3 status. This includes expenditures by category such as feed, vet, transport and volunteer hours. I start compiling the expenditures and statistics in order to total in January for reporting purposes. Those reports include some statement such as this:

Care, feeding, medical care, and transportation (over 7,000 miles) for over 100 llamas/alpacas were provided in (year). Area of rescue included most states west of the Mississippi including Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, California, Wyoming,

Would each of you give me an estimate of some activities related to SWLR rescue of llamas/alpacas such as
1) miles traveled with transporting
2) how many llamas/alpacas were rehomed with your networking (not the same as adoptions)
3) how many llamas/alpacas were brought into rescue & fostered with you
4) how many llamas/alpacas were adopted into new homes from your facility
5) estimate of hours volunteered with SWLR during the year (can be a weekly estimate or total for the year)
which includes time spent talking to owners, emailing, research, posting on Facebook
6) estimate of donated expenses that were not reimbursed by SWLR (items bought for fosters?)
7) what states were involved such as Idaho, Utah, including your own facility location

As treasurer, baxter can put together the expenses by category but the rest of the info really needs to come from each of you.

11/15 A woman in Colorado is desperately looking for someone to take her 5 alpacas and goats as her husband has ordered them removed immediately.  A man was suggested as a possibility and baxter has sent her contact information because SWLR wants to help.

11/21  SWLR received a donation because of your designation of SWLR with your purchases:
Southwest Llama Rescue Inc (EIN: 20-1580766) has been issued a $65.27 donation from the AmazonSmile Foundation as a result of AmazonSmile program activity between July 1 and Sept 30, 2019.
Thank you for using Smile.Amazon and designating SWLR in Tularosa, NM.

11/23  Nina helped with boarding of llamas during the October fires in CA. SWLR just received a donation as a thank you.   It takes a village.

11/27  baxter asked if someone said they would do certificates of sponsor llamas? She is getting requests now that Christmas is closer.  She attached a sample but is sure someone else could do better.  Ellen suggested two people as possibilities.

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