May 2021

5/1  Volunteers are needed in Truth or Consequences, NM to help clean up a property that was left to SWLR.  Pat and ET are going but a team effort is needed.  A volunteer was quickly found to stay on the property for the week and will help any day volunteers.  Very grateful.

5/1  Please use the as the email address given for SWLR. The yahoo address will be retired as yahoo quit forwarding and is just fading away in their support.  Let baxter know if you see references to the yahoo email or other email as it is a process to change all the references.

5/6  Alpacas needing help in Corrales, NM. Meghan A. working on it with Lynda Liptak.  Meghan wants to be a volunteer with SWLR and lives in El Paso. Meghan has driven to Corrales & picked up two female alpacas but there are more.  Welcome Meghan to this private email at for volunteers. She has been invited to join this group.  She is also on the Texas Rehome group.

5/8  Youtube video of Lady Gaga & Taylor Swift being sheared. Elizabeth adopted these two llamas and is thoughtful enough to send some updates.

5/13  Lynda would like to know if anyone has given rattlesnake vaccine to llamas. 
L'illette reported losing a couple of alpacas and winning the battle a couple of times in northeast CA but did not vaccinate because of the cost and questionable efficacy of the vaccine.  She says death by rattlesnake is a horrible way for a camelid to die, and the recovery process, even if they survive, is really hard on them.
Susan said,
I did the rattlesnake vaccine for my dog. I have had two llamas get snakebit in the head. I can imagine that they put their head down to look at it or down around some brush when they got struck. One llama’s head swelled up like a watermelon and I took him to the vet. They gave him iv liquids/anti-inflammatory and antihistamines. The vet kept him for nearly a week as a show tell more than anything. There was a bull there with a snake bite too and he died. The vet said Will was a better patient. Get this-vet charged less to doctor Will than it cost for the dog’s annual vaccinations and rattlesnake shot. "A female got bit during the week and when we saw her up close the bite had scabbed over. We scrubbed it and cleaned it. The hair sluffed off but she was fine. "My damn cats bring them home dead. The snakes have already been bad here. We’re clearing land and have come across three dens already we didn’t know were there. We’ve killed all we can and kept all the four-legged ones out while we’re working. "I know people around here get the vaccine for their horses. The shot here is well over $100. So I don’t know what you do!"

5/18  L'illette developed a survey to assist in matching current and future projects with all the volunteers skills, experience and interests to best create rewarding experiences in llama rescue.  The survey can be found at

5/24  baxter wants to know what software system you use to keep health records for your lamas.  Free?  With only 3 llamas, Roberta just keeps all her vet paperwork filed by llama name.

5/24  Is anyone familiar with

5/30 Welcome Nancy H. who is fostering llamas for SWLR and has adopted llamas also.

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