May 2020

5/5  baxter shared information she gives to new owners that do not have experience or a close mentor and asked for additions to the list.
    •    There are several good websites with llama information that are maintained by either the rescue groups or llama owners., are two of the rescue group websites.
    •    There are associations for llamas/alpacas that are worth joining just to get the free library use. The library includes videos by trainers such as Bobra Goldsmith, Cathy Spalding (Gentle Spirit), and Marty McGee Bennet (Camelidynamics.) An internet search will show some of the information available by these gentle trainers as well as equipment to help with the training such as halters, leads.
    •    RMLA Rocky Mountain Llama & Alpaca Association
    •    SCLA South Central Llama Association (mostly Texas)
    •    LANA Llama Association of North America
    •    The book Caring for Llamas & Alpacas by Claire Hoffman DVM is worth the price and available from Rocky Mountain Llama Association at their website. Dr Fowler has a field guide for llamas and alpacas that is very good also.
    •    Llama/alpaca halters/leads from a llama/alpaca supplier or trainer (horse halters do not fit and are too heavy). Some suppliers are- Quality Llama Products, Useful Llama Items, Rocky Mountain Llamas, Camelid Dynamics by Marty McGee-Bennett, and Sopris. Please purchase the cross or X type halter.
    •    Loose minerals are preferred and are available from Stillwater Minerals. Salt and mineral block is minimal.
    •    There are several active Facebook groups related to llamas, alpacas, and rescue. SWLR has one that is for volunteers. Ask about that one if you are interested.
    •    There is a Facebook group devoted to Llama Training and Care to join for info. Also a national (international really) listserve of llama owners called llama-info. The list has lots of very experienced and new llama owners. To subscribe via the World Wide Web, visit or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to
Susan suggested a list of shearers and Nina said some shearers post their calendar online but only recommended shearers should be passed on to new owners.  Olin recommended 2 shearers:  Tabbethia Haubold, Long Island Yarn and Farm (used to be LI Livestock Company),, covers much of the northeast.
Judy Glaser, Rockwood Llamas,, covers much of Colorado. 
Susi highly recommended
Scott suggested for gear and offered a primer on halters and said minerals are better tailored to your region.  Nancy added contact information for the nearest coordinator or a link to the coordinator page on the website and mention of the useful links page.  Nina offered her website for a list of resources.  Kim added a list of vets by state would be helpful.

5/5  baxter's farm is quarantined due to a nearby breakout of Covid-19.  Most of the llamas left are untrained or very old.  She has more applications for alpacas and llamas than are available right now.  4 females have pending adoptions and are waiting for transport arrangements.  Vet service is limited at best.

5/7  baxter gave us a heads up that llamas are on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah tonight.

5/11 Ranee posted photos on the Facebook page showing the cart outing they took on Mother's Day.

5/14  Rain #534 and Lily #535 left for their new home today.

5/14  A meat processor with a heart declined to "process" a great old, gentle llama.  SWLR picked him up the same day the call came and he will live out his remaining years loved by volunteers in a foster home.  He has been shorn and vetted and named Robert E. Lee, the name of the man who called.

5/16  SWLR received a donation check for $284 from Benevity Community Impact Fund.

5/17  All of the Jefferson herd llamas that baxter was fostering have new homes as of this morning.  Amanda has some of the herd at her farm and needs help with them.  Help is being organized but Mandy said this is not urgent but needs to happen.

5/17 Lynda reported the adoption of Chewbacca or Chewy #558, a black gelding.

5/18  Jan is taking on the job of membership coordinator.

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