Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

May 2019

5/4  baxter was contacted by Olympic Peninsula Llama/Alpaca Rescue regarding 45 alpacas needing rescue in Donnoly, Idaho.  The alpacas only have enough hay for 4 more days.  They have found enough hay for another 30 days while they get things in order.  Cost for hay and transport is estimated at $4500 but do not have the funds to cover it and are looking for help.
UPDATE 5/17  The number is now 60 alpacas to be relocated.  Two loads, comprising 23 alpacas, have been moved to Washington.

5/5  Discussion began regarding the possibility of raising the adoption fee from $150 to $250.  After discussion, the Board voted to raise the fee to $200.

5/12  Lynda is looking for someone to shear 8 llamas in Moffat, CO.

5/14  A person in Whitefish, Montana needs to find a home for her gelding alpaca.  A bear attack resulted in the 23-year old llama having to be euthanized and the owner fears Specks is no longer safe there.  He is currently confined to his barn with a live trap set for the bear.  If a safe home cannot be found for him the owner will have him humanely euthanized.  Several possibilities for Specks have been found.

5/21  baxter told us her hay delivery guy also works at the local exotic livestock auction.  He said 20 llamas were sold last month for $700-800 each, up from as low as $50 a few years ago.  It was also reported that they have been going for a good bit at auctions in Tennessee.

5/23  Pat explained SWLR policy as to placing llamas where there are horses pastured.  Horses kick out with both hind legs when "celebrating" or when being irritated by another horse.  SWLR  would not place llamas with horses on small acreage. A ranch with a lot of space would be considered.  She also pointed out that horses are terrified when encountering a llama for the first time. She packed with her llamas in the Wilderness for years.  When we heard horses approaching  us we would move our llamas well off the trail to allow the horses safe passage.  Even then  the horses were very nervous and sometimes the rider had to dismount and lead there horse around us.  Susi said it is the same for her in Yellowstone.  baxter has someone inquiring about her 34-year old horse that is used for therapy.  Susi though that should be fine.

5/30  A large number of llamas are being surrendered and need to be picked up near Van Horn, TX and transported to near Fredericksburg, TX.  Pickup of llamas is scheduled at a ranch for Saturday June 22, Sunday June 23. May be 50 plus llamas. Count not known. Transport will be to near Fredericksburg, TX.  The llamas have been surrendered to Camelid Rescue Coalition. The llamas need to be removed as the ranch was sold and will be a hunting ranch by the new owner. These llamas or descendants may have belonged to SELR, SWLR. The llamas need our help.
Are there any llama folks willing to go to west Texas to this ranch near Van Horn  to help? On the weekend of June 22nd?  Or help at the Fredericksburg arrival on Sunday June 23?  If you can't help physically, can you help with donations?  Email if you could help and want details which are currently being arranged.


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