March 2021

3/6  On Facebook baxter shared a picture of a llama enjoying a good scratch on a road clean brush mounted vertically on a post.

3/11  baxter reported that two surrendered males were picked up and taken to a foster farm to be gelded and vetted.  Nike (NF asks if this is this a typo that should read Niki?) logged 900 miles on this transport.
Niki and L'illette picked up an ill month old cria with a fractured front leg and took him to a foster home with other llamas for companions and a hoist and warm barn.  Over 250 miles were logged.
The llamas were cared for through extreme cold and snow storms with power and water outages.  Some llamas were made more comfortable with coats and shelters modified to block wind.
Slow progress was made training a couple of the west TX females.

3/16  SWLR received $107 from Amazon Smile for the quarter.  Please spread the word to have your friends designate SWLR as their charity when using Amazon Smile.

3/19  Nina is looking for people to join her on a fundraising committee to help raise money for SWLR.  SWLR is 100% volunteer run but donations are not sufficient to pay for expenses which are primarily for vet care and feed.

3/19  6 llama herdmates left Kerrville for their adopted home.  The family has kids and acreage.
On 3/29 baxter shared a note and pictures from the family:
Those are my ladies and Ditto, the young male who resembles his mother!  He has grown quite a bit it looks like.  I’m so glad they will be together in their new home.  It’s no wonder they are so closely bonded after all this herd has experienced.  Reading the article and seeing the pictures made me cry, happily because obviously I myself was quite attached to the matriarch and her family.  The boys that are still here behave much differently than when the ladies were here.  They spread out more in smaller groups more of the time.  There is so much territory it is not very easy to count them and I think there may only be 21 here now.  When winter finally backs off and the mud dries I will be able to go out and be amongst them and get a better idea of how many there really are.

3/20  Niki and L'illette brought in two geldings that may be 10 or more years old.  baxter removed some of the matted, burr-filled wool.  The boys have some leg issues.  More will be known about their health once fecals are run.  They are not halter/lead trained.

3/20  Four llamas went to their new home today.  It was a good, safe trip.

3/24  An unknown donor sent a $66 donation through Network for Good.

3/26  SWLR has an Instagram account. Would anyone please be the owner/moderator for the account?  baxter will gladly let it go as she knows nothing about Instagram. Someone who likes to post pictures of llamas/alpacas would be ideal. You can pm her or email which is the SWLR new email address.

3/27  Lynda wrote an article in the current RMLA Journal

3/29  baxter mentioned how helpful Marty McGee Bennett's Camelid Dynamics clinics are and encouraged volunteers to attend or watch her tapes and read her book.  She also mentioned Cathy Spalding and her Gentle Spirit training.  What is your favorite trainer or method?

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