March 2020

3/3  What to use for biting and sucking lice brought several ideas.  L'illette said "Cylence (cyfluthrin) for both biting and sucking lice, horn and face flies. Topical application,3cc @ 3 weeks for adults; 1cc for crias; 2cc for yearlings. We've used it for many years without any problems at all.  And our vets have ok'd it for pregnant girls, elders and crias. We drop the 3cc dose (less for wee ones) down the spine, making sure it gets to the skin, from between the ears to the base of the tail. Repeat every three weeks."  Olin seconded the choice.  Susan said she uses it for biting flies.

3/17  2 rescued llamas need SWLR intake numbers. A gelding (old) and a female (part alpaca) were found loose on Hwy 160 near LaVeta, Colorado (Pat, Kent, is that right?). Both extremely thin. They have been taken to the vet and are being fostered them and getting them hopefully back to standard weight and health.

3/18  baxter and Nina introduced us to a new project with Matter of Trust that uses needle felted llama/alpaca fiber to create hair mats to aid in oil spill and storm drain cleanup.  It keeps fiber out of landfills, helps the environment and eliminates pollution from burning unwanted fiber.

3/18  Benevity just launched a public 1:1 matching campaign (up to $300,000) for donations made to your organization through our “We Are We” Giving Portal.  SWLR will be grateful for any donations as we expect rescue requests to increase.

3/19 Someone is needed order "Caring for Llamas & Alpacas" books and have them sent to each of the foster farms to be given to new owners of rescue lamas.  Nina suggested that all the books be sent to the person writing thank you notes to send with the note.  Lynda suggested a purchase of 100 as she would like to get 20 for her needs.

3/27  baxter told us another great RMLA journal just arrived. Linda Hayes wrote a 1/2 page on using to benefit SWLR. Thank Linda if you know her.  Linda also wrote an article about saving packing lama use in a national park. Kudos to all involved. Also, several articles about fiber are in the journal including an article by Kathy Stanko titled Selecting a Fiber Mill. Also, SWLR has an extra sized ad on page 11. Very kind of the editors.

Would you consider writing an article to RMLA editors for publication especially about rescue llamas? It could make a big difference in these difficult times.

Thank the editors if you are a member. Consider joining RMLA if you aren't.

3/31 baxter reported the rehome of 8 alpacas and a mother/daughter pair of llamas to each of two new homes.


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