Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

March 2019

3/4  Nina reported on her rescue of a llama who has been passed around to at least 5 owners.  At her third home there were 4 llamas.  The first one was killed by a mountain lion, the next by a pit bull dog attack, the next one died of unknown cause, leaving this female.  She has had free reign on 50 acres. A vet saw the llama that was attacked by the dog and remembers this female llama but she stayed back. The Tubbs Fire burned down all the buildings and land in Oct. 2017 and this llama survived.  She remained on the property during her 4th owner's control while he looked for a safe home for her.  He named the llama, Lena, at the end of February 2019 because she had no name.
#5 Owner: SWLR/Foster-Nina Pedersen in Petaluma, CA.  Lena was “caught” 3/1/19 by a team of people, trailered to the vet (Cotati Large Animal Hospital) for exam, fecal test, and shots, then transported to Nina’s ranch in Petaluma for her final destination.  She has been vaccinated and dewormed but is fearful of people.  Lena was extremely distressed and screaming when caught.

3/9  Susi reported receiving an inquiry from someone who has a small farm in East Tennessee that they want to convert into a llama rescue.  They are looking for more information about how ans where to start getting the word out.

3/11  Black Back and Ringo were returned to Lynda.  The adopter decided they were not what he was looking for.   They were from the Fairplay rescue part 2.

Orphina, 6 month old female, had surgery for a bone infection that turned out not be an infection but rampant scar tissue build up. Xrays, surgery and lab work and treatment was about $1100. She is recovering and the scar tissue is dissipating as are the surgical incisions.

3/11  Sue Downs said she would work on the coordinator manual.  baxter sent a copy of the SELR manual sent to Sue and will send a copy to L'illette also if Sue & L'illette want to work on it together.

3/15  2 alpacas were rehomed from Edgewood, NM to Ft Summer, NM. Both of these were older female rescue alpacas. Rosemary Metcalf was the coordinator for the rehome.

3/23  Lynda posted pictures of a nice trio of camelids needing a new home. They are very tame. She is coordinating with Karen to look for a new place they can go. If you know of anyone who would like three friendly males, please let me know. They are currently in Pagosa Springs, CO.

3/25  An adopter wrote to alert us about Hall's of Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica 'Halliana') - an ornamental bush species that it turns out is highly poisonous, when leaves or berries are eaten in large quantity in the winter. 

Tragically I just lost Mangas to poisoning and am heartbroken that something like this could happen.  I just want to make sure others don't lose an animal to this or other species that demonstrate higher toxicity in different parts of the plant and/or different times of the year see:

While the are this plant was found, was largely inaccessible to the llamas, Mangas jumped a short fence and then stretched his neck over another fence to top the leaves off the shrub.  Since the incident I have cut the shrub down and burned all the plant material.

3/25  DaddyLlama (yes, that is his name) needs a number. He just arrived this week. He came with an injury and currently is at Franklin vet. Owner did sign surrender documents and delivered llama and gave a donation toward his vet care.

3/27  Rosemary was contacted by a lady asking for assistance regarding a single male alpaca.  His buddy was sold and he was given to an 87-year old man.  The alpaca and the man's miniature horse and donkey are not getting along and the alpaca needs to leave ASAP.


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