Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

July 2019

7/1  A gofundme page was set up to raise money for the huge rescue.  As of 7/8, 69 llamas had been moved.  53 (mostly males) were moved to Susan Coley's farm and gelding, shearing and vaccinations have been started.  baxter is fostering 10 females and Krystin Bodden in Bodias, TX took in 5 males.  It is expected that it will take until September to get them ready for new homes.  It is unknown how many more there are to come.

7/8  L'illette is trying to find a llama dentist for a gal near Alamogordo, NM.

7/16  Rosemary was contacted by a gal looking for llamas or alpacas for packing in the Sierras.  Rosemary advised her that llamas would be the better choice.  Joy spoke to her at length the night before and said she is very interested.

7/20  baxter is concerned about the work and time necessary to prepare these wild llamas for adoptions.  What should SWLR do?  Let them go without being trained?  Perhaps to experienced owners?  Assuming someone wants them?  This is the Jefferson bunch that were loose on large acreage.  Susi suggested contacting trainers to donate time working with them, maybe Marty McGee could come and direct a group of volunteers.  baxter liked that idea and thought this might be a good way to get some SCLA people involved.

7/21  baxter is going to contact Tracy Annis who is a cohort of Marty McGee Bennet's and lives not far from baxter.  She also asked the president of SCLA to do an email blast looking for volunteers.  Rosemary suggested Cathy Spaulding might help and wondered if any nearby universities had ag or vet programs whose students might be recruited to help.  Unfortunately, the only ones that are close don't have much of an ag program but baxter will contact them just in case.

7/22  Tracy Annis responded that she might be able to help in a couple of weeks.

7/23  baxter needs a volunteer to help with posting to social media.

7/26  Franklin Clinic has quoted a price of $100 each for gelding.

7/26  Any ideas on how to get a "zoo" near Phoenix shut down?  Alicia Santiago posted this to facebook:
According to the Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), WWZ has never been accredited by them and they will never pass accreditation. WWZ seems to not care what people think of them so long as people continue spending money there.
We started going after them when we learned that they took cria away from the moms directly after birth to bottle feed and use in their petting zoo. When hormones hit they are fed to the zoo's lions and tigers. They have admitted all of this and more on the local news and try to spin it as educational for the public. They aren't doing anything outside of the law, therefore they remain untouchable. The only thing that we know to do is educate the public and we have turned quite a few people away from this so called zoo.
Word of warning, they do have a legal team and do utilize them so any statements made must be proven fact.
Nina suggested In Defense of Animals might go after them.

7/26  An interview with Pat Little was posted to youtube.

7/31  The gofundme page needs to be promoted.  It has raised $725 but the goal is for $6000.

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