Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

July 2018

7/5/18  The roaming female llama with the pony halter hanging around her neck is still around and seems to be surviving well.

7/4 A woman in Oak Hills California contacted Lynda about adopting llamas.

7/8  A couple in Elizabeth, CO sent Lynda an application for adoption.

7/9  3 female llamas, all over 20, left Cortez, CO for Lynda's facility in Albuquerque.  They were transported by a volunteer for Denkei Sanctuary in Eden, CO where they had been cared for while waiting for cooler weather.  Lynda hopes they will be there long enough for her to shear and trim their nails.  She reports that none act like they are 20 but they are shy.  After their rest in NM they will move to Cheryl's place in Ruidoso where they will rest again before the final leg of the trip down to our female sanctuary in Kerville, TX where they will live out their lives in peace.

7/13  Lynda helped with an article for the Summit Daily News about 2 llamas, Carlos #433 and Sambra #434 relocating to NM.  Sambra showed some borderline aggressive behavior and so Brioni who Carlos had bonded with was substituted in the adoption.  Sambra went back to Albuquerque where Channel 13 KRQE wanted an tnterview with him to tell his story.  It was aired on the 10 PM news on July 30.  Sambra was transported to Questa to join Stuart Wild's herd on 7/26.

7/13  The Sunnyvale Sheriffs office in Texas reported that six llamas were seized by animal control.  They are contained on 23 acres and have not been handled.  Best guess is there are four females and two males.  It is not clear now how this situation will develop.  Baxter is available to pick them up after the 22nd.  Nina may have a placement for them on a 200 acre goat ranch along the California coast.

7/19 13 alpacas in Colorado are awaiting cooler weather before being transported to New Mexico the first week in October.

7/??  Lynda Liptak hosted 20 3rd graders from Horizons Elementary School for the second annual free field trip to learn about llamas where they got to pet, feed and walk llamas and have all their questions answered.

7/??  Lynda was contacted by a woman in Dalhart, Texas who is looking for a shearer.  Lynda was not able to help her find one.

7/??  A woman near Ft. Worth, TX contacted Lynda about adopting a companion for her llama who needs shearing.

7/??  Lynda talked with a woman near Bennett, CO who took in a stray intact male llama who was trying to gain access to her two female llamas.  She coached the woman on keeping him contained and suggested gelding him.  The woman is going to work on it.

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