January 2021

1/1  The domain name & hosting for the website SouthwestLlamaRescue.org was just renewed for another year.

1/12  baxter noted that the new issue of the Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Association Journal is filled with great articles and an SWLR ad on page 5.  The ad was designed by Ron Hinds and Kathy Stanko.  Consider writing articles or buying an ad to show your support.

1/12  Is there someone willing to take on being the owner/moderator for the SWLR Instagram account?

1/15  baxter told us:
SWLR reports to state and federal to maintain SWLR 501(c)3 status. This includes expenditures by category such as feed, vet, transport and volunteer hours. I have started compiling the expenditures and statistics in order to total in January for reporting purposes. Those reports include some statement such as this:
Care, feeding, medical care, and transportation (over 7,000 miles) for over 100 llamas/alpacas were provided in (year). Area of rescue included most states west of the Mississippi including Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, California, Wyoming,
Would each of you give me an estimate of some activities related to SWLR rescue of llamas/alpacas such as
1) miles traveled with transporting
2) how many llamas/alpacas were rehomed with your networking (not the same as adoptions)
3) how many llamas/alpacas were brought into rescue & fostered with you
4) how many llamas/alpacas were adopted into new homes from your facility
5) estimate of hours volunteered with SWLR during the year (can be a weekly estimate or total for the year)
which includes time spent talking to owners, emailing, research, posting on Facebook
6) estimate of donated expenses that were not reimbursed by SWLR (items bought for fosters?)
7) what states were involved such as Idaho, Utah, including your own facility location
As treasurer, I can put together the expenses by category but the rest of the info really needs to come from each of you. You can send it directly to me instead of posting on this email list.

1/15  Email baxter if you want a letter of tax donation for in-kind or monetary donations.  Letters are due by January 31st.

1/18  Someone on Facebook asked what you can do with a llama.  The only answer was a great video of a llama being driven down a country road.  It was followed by a video of two llamas pulling carts.

1/22  FYI
For tax deduction purposes from IRS.gov: "14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations, the rate is set by statute and remains unchanged from 2020" "Taxpayers always have the option of calculating the actual costs of using their vehicle rather than using the standard mileage rates."

1/30 SWLR received a check from Network for Good for $130.00. It is an anonymous donation. Thanks to those who sign up for this charity for SWLR.


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