Welcome to Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc. (SWLR)


SWLR takes in llamas and alpacas that are abused and neglected, or from owners unable to keep their llamas due to failing health, aging, or lifestyle changes. We also work closely with law enforcement officials and animal control authorities.

We arrange and support foster care for those willing to adopt rescues, or for those who can provide foster care while the animals await placement. We provide information, advice, mentors and offer a long-term contract with anyone adopting one of our llamas.

Please look through our pages, learn about who we are and what we do... and maybe fall in love with a llama or two!

If you have any questions, please contact your nearest coordinator.

SWLR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in New Mexico,
and funded by donations and adoption fees.


"We were Kicked Out" Our home ranch was sold so now we have to move and find new fields to play in!! We need to get dolled up (sheared) and treated by a vet so we will be ready for 'the forever home we thought we had'. There are 69 of us who need to get ready for our new homes. So can you help us?

From the volunteers who are helping the llamas and alpacas: Southwest Llama Rescue (SWLR), working in tandem with the Camelid Rescue Coalition (CRC), removed the llamas from the ranch. These animals will require veterinary services in addition to shearing, feed and hay. We are raising money to benefit SWLR. Your donations go directly to SWLR, a 501(c)3 organization, are tax deductible and will make a huge difference in the health and well-being of these llamas as we work to find them new homes. SWLR volunteers are coordinating with volunteers from Southeast Llama Rescue and other llama/alpaca associations for this particular effort.

More information about Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc. (SWLR), Camelid Rescue Coalition, Inc. (CRC) and Southeast Llama Rescue, Inc (SELR) is available at the links below. Thanks in advance for your contribution.

CRC: www.camelidrescuecoalition.org
SELR: www.southeastllamarescue.org

SWLR: Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.
CRC: Camelid Rescue Coalition, Inc.
SELR: Southeast Llama Rescue

Update: So far 69 llamas have been moved. We don't know if there are more to come.


"Rinda's Pond" is a memorial to our dear SWLR friend who died on April 10th 2013. It is shaped like a tear drop with a broken heart in the center. You can add a heart rock in rememberance of a friend or animal you have lost. The rock should be small like those in the photo. The rocks in the photo are ones we have picked up off the ground while hiking. Write the name of the person or animal to be remembered on the back using permanent sharpie marker and send it along with a donation to SWLR.

Mail Rocks and donation to:

Donate Now? How?
You can help now to save llama and alpaca lives! Donate time, supplies or make a tax-deductible contribution to SWLR.
Become a Sponsor!
Make monthly or occasional donations to a llama or llamas of your choice. Help with feed or veterinary care. Give a sponsorship gift to someone you love who loves llamas!
We often offer activities to the public. Please feel free to contact us to join in. We offer llama walks and llama visits for individuals and groups. If you would like to visit one of our foster farms--including those in Tularosa, Edgewood and Silver City--please contact us. Since each farm is privately owned, arrangements must be made in advance.
The members of SWLR are active educators in the community. It is our hope that through sharing knowledge about llamas and their needs, we can improve the lives of llamas and the people who love and care for them. We work with schools and youth groups as well as volunteers in our ongoing commitment to llama education.
SWLR Mission Statement
To provide safe refuge for unwanted, neglected or abandoned llamas through intervention, education and necessary support. To seek placement and lifelong care for all llamas entrusted to our care.