February 2021

2/12  Lynda reported the adoption of Hazel, Blackberry and Holly to a family in Albuquerque. 

2/12  baxter has her hands full caring for the llamas in subfreezing weather with ice freezing gates and creating slippery roadways.

2/13  Rosemary is expecting it to hit her area tonight and has already done what she can to prepare.  Roberta is expecting the bad weather to reach her starting Sunday night.  She is preparing as best she can.

2/14  Pat has received about 5 inches of snow that melts as it continues to snow.  She is having to improvise because they don't have winter gear.  Routine chores are taking much longer than normal.

2/19  baxter has electricity and water with a boil order.  Niki and L'illette are helping to haul warm water to the llamas and the shivering ones are wearing coats.  A warming trend is forecast.

2/20  baxter has completed the year end reports for the government.  The following is a summary of the work done by volunteers throughout the year:
"In 2020, over 10,000 hours were donated by volunteers to accomplish rescue and care, feeding, medical care, and transportation (over 10,000 miles) of over 100 llamas/alpacas. Over 50 llamas/alpacas were placed in permanent homes, or re-homed, or into permanent foster care. Over 40 llamas/alpacas are in temporary foster care. Area of rescue included most states in the western US."
The board members & directors this year are Pat Little, FE Baxter, L'illette Vasquez, Nina Pedersen, Ellen Jackson, and Lynda Liptak.
Thanks goes to all the board members for serving this year.
Thanks also to the past board members who served last year, namely Cheryl Bradley and Rosemary Metcalf.

2/20  Pat said life has returned to normal with the day forecast to reach 64 and the snow is almost gone.
Susan said her old llamas and the ones from west Texas all met her at the gate each day for extra feed.  She had to haul water because they wouldn't drink after the ice was cut to them.

2/25  baxter posted a photo of a moveable sling for alpacas.  It's 56" tall, 37" wide 60" long, is made from pipe and has casters so the alpaca can walk around while safely held up.

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