2/4  L'illette shared an email regarding sponsorships for specific farm animals.

2/5  baxter shared photos of some of Rinda's retired packers.  The funds she left to SWLR are being used to care for them.

2/7 baxter has been working for the past two weeks to help an owner with health and financial concerns find homes for his alpaca herd.   She advertised in the Texas Llama/Alpaca Rescue Group on Facebook and received four good applications which she turned over to the owner and she gave the applicants owner contact information and surrender forms and non breeding agreement forms.  SWLR does not receive fees for rehomes.  SWLR sometimes asks for a donation but rarely receives any donations for rehomes. baxter can only recall one donation for $250 for 4 llamas with one that was pregnant so it became 5 llamas.

2/7  baxter reported that the year end reports for SWLR and CRC are completed and only waiting on some confirmations.  990 EZ for feds, NM Attorney General, NM Secretary of State done for SWLR. Camelid Rescue Coalition, Inc. reports filed with state of Texas.

2/9 baxter is busy halter and lead training various llamas and thanks to volunteers help they are ready for adoption.  Two llamas are supposed to go to their new home on Saturday, weather permitting.

2/15  A volunteer attended the Raz Exotic Auction in Harper, TX and said that 4 registered male alpacas sold for $300-$350 each, 2 female llamas sold for $225 each.

2/23  Two llamas left baxter's for their new home today.  They went to a really special home with young boys and fainting goats and lots of love for them.
Two other llamas went to their new home last week.  Wonderful home with lots of experience and other llamas to add to the herd.
All 4 were trained to halter/lead & went into the trailer very easily. Volunteers have been working with the llamas here and it made all the difference. The pairs were mother/daughter with the daughters being born here. Lots of hours in training and caretaking to get the llamas ready to go.
Adoption fees of $200 each.

2/27  AmazonSmile Foundation sent a check for $53.18 for activity between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2019.  Use Smile.Amazon.com when you order and be sure to designate SWLR in Tularosa, NM as your charity.

February 2020

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