Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

February 2019

2/1  L'illette asked if we had any information about estate planning for camelid owners.  We were given a guide SELR wrote with overview from an attorney who is experienced in this sort of work.  (I've added it to the files section of our list on

2/14  baxter reported that the IRS form 990 has been accepted.  It shows that in 2018, 67 llamas, 13 alpacas, 1 sheep, and 1 goat were surrendered. 14 llamas and 3 alpacas were placed in permanent farms, or re-homed, or into permanent foster care. 55 llamas are in temporary foster care.

Care, feeding, medical care, and transportation (over 7,000 miles) for over 100 llamas/alpacas were provided in 2018. Area of rescue included most states west of the Mississippi including Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, California, Wyoming.

2/15  Mister, #462, was adopted through Lynda.

2/21  Our association with the AmazonSmile Foundation netted a check for $80.66 for the 4th quarter 2018.  Please sign up with AmazonSmile and order everything through them so we can get some credit.

2/22  baxter asked if everyone had all thee forms/info needed for fostering, surrender, adoption.  It is important that the non-breeding contract is signed for all fosters/adoptions of rescue llamas. Current suggested fee is $150 per llama. That fee is reduced from $250 of a few years ago. The fee may need to be raised again. Transport would be additional. There are farm check forms, health record forms, surrender documents, adoption packets, adoption agreements, etc available. Notice the documents in the files area of

2/23  There was a request on our public Facebook page from someone in the Bay area wanting 2 or 3 llamas for her goats.

2/23  Someone is needed to rewrite the SELR coordinator manual to be an SWLR coordinator manual.  Also, forms need to be updated, people to stay in contact with, mentoring, fund raising, records to keep, stories to write and get published.  
Sue Downs offered to work on the manual.
Jonna Johnson replied that she has a fundraiser in mind and would be very happy tyo help organize it.

2/25  The members of the Camelid Rescue Coalition are many of the llama associations & rescue groups. SELR is the fiscal agent, SWLR, LANA, SCLA, NELR, individuals, and I forget who else are members. The yearly report due for the continuing status as a non-profit registered in Texas (baxter is the registered agent) was filed with the Texas Comptroller 2/24/2019.


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