Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

December 2019

12/1  There was an inquiry from someone in Idaho who is looking for llamas to pack with.  baxter is working with him.

12/7  Macho #459 and Junior #530 have been adopted.  The adopter is also picking up a surrendered alpaca.

12/12  L'illette offered to take on the job of creating a certificate for sponsorship llamas.

12/16  L'illette showed us some pictures of a woman's llama.  She is looking for the right llama buddy to join her family.

12/20  A check for $65.27 was received thanks to customers shopping at

12/22  An Instagram video of some llamas and emus in California was posted to the Facebook page.  The conditions were poor and the Camelid Rescue Coalition is looking for someone close enough to look into it.

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