August 2020

8/3 A woman inquired about adopting  a white llama.  Rosemary spoke to her but she doesn't know of anyone near the inquirer.

8/12 Chela from Stillpointe Sanctuary is in need of donations due to Covid-19 and other health problems.  She is trying for grants but could use donations now for animal food and care.

8/19  Joy Pedroni lost her home and neighborhood to fires.  Fortunately the family and all llamas are safe.  Donations can be made through PayPal using her email -  Nina offered ideas for feed for the llamas and offered her help.

Fire is also reported to be near Kris Paige in Colorado.

8/24  Joy reported that the llamas, alpacas and goats have been moved onto a flood irrigated, lush green pasture.  She, Ron, 8 cats and 4 dogs have moved into a small apartment above their work shop in Oakland.  She thanked everyone for their help both emotional and financial.

8/25  baxter reported receiving $81.26 from AmazonSmile for the 2nd quarter.

8/29  Pat received a $20 check to SWLR from Network for Good.

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