Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

August 2019

8/5  baxter presented a list of things needed to be an SWLR foster farm and asked if readers would want to be a foster farm and for input:
* follow policy on care, adoptions (non-breeding agreement, for example)
* communicate thru the email list (preferred) or Facebook for volunteers to share info with other volunteers on potential placement or availability
* keep records on SWLR llamas (number assignment, health records)
* find homes and arrange farm checks (see facility check list and farm check form)
* arrange transport to new homes
* if 7 or less llamas, be willing to use your own funds for hay, vet, supplements, water, fuel for transport, facilities maintenance but requests can be made if funds are available
* if designated a "sanctuary" such as Tularosa, Kerrville, and others, with 7 or more llamas, then care expenses MAY be paid by SWLR IF funds are available
* participate in fund raising activities
* participate in PR activities such as open farm days, fairs
Amanda said she will remain an independent private entity.

8/5  Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga (both are about 1 year old) are available for adoption as a pair or as a 4 some with their moms.

8/5  baxter showed a picture of a female with strange anatomy and noted that this recent rescue from west Texas disagrees often with other llamas. She lets the crias comfort nurse.

8/10  L'illette is trying to locate an application that was supposedly sent in about a month ago.  baxter will send her another.

8/30  Deb is looking for help for a gal in California who needs to rehome two beautiful llamas she has owned for 13 years.  She is having a lion situation and wants to get them safe.  Jerry says the phone number indicates his neighborhood in Grass Valley and he will give her a call.  L'illette will also contact her.  Susi suggested the Farm Animal Sanctuary in Grass Valley but Nina thinks it has closed.  Jjohnson said placing solar lights and motion lights, playing radio talk shows, along with spraying of cheap perfume, greatly helps keep the lions away.

8/30  Tom Knotts of Arkansas joined the SWLR Volunteers on Facebook.

8/31  baxter is looking for someone to set up a list on of contact information and wishes for llama/alpaca adoption.  Requests come in from all over the place on Facebook as well as email and  phone calls.  baxter would also like a list made of available llamas/alpacas or their possible availability date that could be used to match to requests as they come in.  Foster farms are different from the coordinators. For the lists to be sustainable, it would mean asking the foster farms and the coordinators to help maintain the lists. Foster farms & coordinators are already volunteering at their max.  Maybe it is not a good idea. Sorry, just trying to figure out how to match llamas with potential homes when requests are now coming in from distance locations probably because of the national reach of the gofundme request.   To date, each coordinator has maintained their own lists as llamas/adoptees info was by state or at least nearby states. Now that folks are willing to transport distances, a combined list might be beneficial. For example, baxter has always forwarded CA area info to L'illette, Joy, Nina. Pat maintains her own lists also. baxter is just asking if a combined list would be helpful or should we still continue our "coordinator keeps all the records" system.
Susan is confused and thinks it would probably be better if her name wasn't on the website or Facebook page.
Nancy thought the available llamas list belongs on the website with as much information about them as possible.

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