April 2021

4/6  It was a successful shearing day at the Kerrville Sanctuary.  All were sheared and vaccinated and wormed and some treated for lice.  Pictures will be posted on the Facebook page.

4/9  Star & Trigga (female llamas) left for their new home yesterday. All went well and they are settling in with 2 other female llamas that were adopted from SWLR years ago. Nice folks and green pastures. The other folks have Marisol and Betsy Bell (yes, named after Betsy Bell, SWLR board member). Both those llamas are the sweetest llamas imaginable and are making friends with the new arrivals.

4/17  At the Harper, TX exotic livestock auction today April 17, 2021, llamas and alpacas were being auctioned for $500 to $1000 each. Females & crias were the highest bid, males second, and geldings at $500. The Texas ranchers were paying more for breeding llamas.

4/20  Southwest Llama Rescue (SWLR) urgently needs a part-time volunteer to manage a fiber project to raise funds to support the rescue of llamas and alpacas. 
As the Fundraising Project Coordinator, you would find and coordinate a small group of local Kerrville-area volunteers who will be needle- and hand-felting items from our own llama and alpaca wool, and you would market the items to support llama/alpaca rescue. You can be located anywhere that you can communicate with the local volunteers and the SWLR Board members. 
For more information, contact baxter at 830-928-6348 or L'illette at 720-839-0787; or email info@SouthwestLlamaRescue.org or LlamaRescue@lillette.net

4/25  baxter uploaded to the Files area of the SWLR-Volunteers@groups.io a resource list for new adopters.

4/26  >From Facebook post by Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary
March 1  
The devastating storm in Texas has taken a toll on animal rescuers. Dog Tales is helping dozens of shelters and rescues in Texas with the help of Tia from Villalobos Rescue Center providing different grants to help with relief of the storm.
Niki, an SWLR volunteer, applied for a grant to help the SWLR sanctuary recover from the storm. Money and time was spent clearing tree damage, putting blankets on cold lamas, running heat lamps, and recovering from the loss of power. Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary sent SWLR a donation to help with the extra expenses.

4/29  A gelding arrived at the Kerrville Sanctuary this evening. The gelding was surrendered by a woman who was moving to another state and could not take her llama. It was 300 miles one way for SWLR to transport, and all was done safely thanks to 2 volunteers who went on the trip. He needs shearing & fecals & vaccinations but appears healthy. More details once known.

4/30  Cindy (Whitman) Cherry, Truth or Consequences, NM passed away recently. She had been in failing health for a while.
Cindy adopted Rhett Butler and Barack OLlama (yes that is his name but she called him Rocky) from SWLR. Rhett and Barack are retired to the sanctuary in Texas. Cindy specified in her will that the llamas would come back to SWLR.
Pat & ET Little are in T or C helping with details of her passing.

4/30  baxter brought up the subject of animal care upon death of the owner.  She wants to update the addendum to her will and would like to know how others are handling the issue.
Deb Logan shared a document regarding estate planning that had been reviewed by an attorney.  The SELR document has been uploaded to the Files area on SWLR-Volunteers@groups.io.

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