Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

4/17/18 - 5/31/18

4/17/18 Help is needed with a loose llama that is sort of between LA and Las Vegas but north.  Pat is working on it.  No one was found to help who was near enough.

4/22 Baxter visited a livestock auction in Harper, TX where 6 llamas were sold.  The highest price was $575.

4/23 A couple in Jemez Springs have a potential home for an older female alpaca.

4/29 Lynda Liptak is picking up Margaret Nessmann llamas Baby & Moo Moo #419, and delivering them to Janice Zink in Norwood, CO.

4/29  Lynda Liptak transferred llama Traveler #408, a ready-to-train pack llama, to Fiona Caruthers, a happy SWLR advocate.  Son Alex was able to walk Traveler around.

4/29  Lynda Liptak reported that Stewart is now the caretaker of Noname #414 and Cuzco #417. He is a good llama person and Lynda expects that Cuzco will quickly learn manners. Noname looked at home and happy to have 30 brothers and sisters. Stewart lives on the route to Lynda’s home town so she is excited that she will get to see these llamas on her passes through.

4/29  Lynda Liptak reported that her attempts to catch Chiquita failed for now.  Local folks had tried to catch her and she had become very leary of being caught.  A solid plan was devised and Lynda will be back.

5/3  Tashia Butterfield announced the availability of 22-year old Zoe #407 and her 18-year old daughter Cocoa for sponsorship.

5/6  Laura & Paul McNamara donated a small (2 horse) trailer to SWLR.  Their llamas went to Pat Little as the McNamaras are retiring.

5/6  2 llamas in Kennedy Meadows, Tulare County, CA were abandoned by their owners.  They have been loose for a long time.  One has been contained and is ready for pick up.  The other is still loose and has a halter entangled in her wool.  Volunteers are willing to assist and hold them for SWLR.  Their shearer is nearby and will try to use the contained llama as a draw for the female to get her into a corral or barn.  Other efforts to find more help were unsuccessful.

5/12  Efforts are underway for find placement for 13 white female alpacas ages 11 to 17 years old.  They have been well cared for but time is short.

5/13  Lynda Liptak took two llamas to the National Alliance for Mental Illness in Albuquerque where they made many people happy. 5/14  There is an abandoned llama in Greeley, CO.  Pat Little and Lynda Liptak will be working on this.

5/14  Someone inquired about a rescue llama or two in the Kennewick, WA area.

5/17  Barbara Welch donated a box of used halters and leads.  Baxter has them and will share as needed.

5/19  Adoption fees & surrender fees as of 2013: (note that the fees are waived in certain circumstances) Person or persons adopting a Llama from SWLR will pay $150 for each Llama. Three or more llamas will be charged $100 per llama. Person or persons surrendering Llamas to SWLR will pay $150 intake fee for each llama. Surrenderer will provide transport when possible or pay for fuel cost for the transport. That said the Board retains the ability to make decisions contrary to policy when it is in the best interest and welfare of certain Rescue situations. SWLR Policy shall not endanger the lives of any Llama needing Rescue nor should SWLR ever deny any Llama safe refuge.

5/23  Baxter posted:  I use when I order. Thanks to those of you who do that also. SWLr received $32 from Amazon for 1st quarter 2018. Network for Good is another buying charity. SWLR receives periodic $20 or $25 (recent) anonymous donations.  On 5/31 Baxter updated with a report that thanks to 4 different people SWLR received a $100 check from Network for Good.

5/30  Dave Ferris adopted 4 female llamas from SWLR in 2011. Now they are looking for another llama. It is believed that it has to do with land ag requirements in Texas. Keep this person in mind if a single llama becomes available.


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