3/12  Bumper stickers continue to be mailed.  Email to request the number of stickers you would like mailed to you.
The IRS and state filing have been completed for 2021.
Guidestar information on nonprofits was updated with the 2021 information requested to be rated a Platinum charity.  Network for Good information was updated including the new address of record which is Pat's address.
The Facebook Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc. page was updated with the new email address and Pat's new address.
Pat Little's new address is 1201 St. Francis Drive, Tularosa, NM 88352.  Many references are being located and updated.
The emaill address has been phased out and only the gmail email address is monitored, references are being located and changed to the gmail email address.

3/15  SWLR will have a booth at the Kerrville Folk Festival.  We'll be setting out information, a donation jar, camelid-related things to sell, and hopefully a few really nice things to raffle. We just need some "things"! Please contribute! Send by April 30 to 170 Hoofbeat Trl, Kerrville TX 78028-8780. Text L'illette at 720.839.0787 if you have questions.

3/22  Volunteers from France and Vermont visited SWLR sanctuary to help train llamas.  SWLR is blessed with a great trainer, willing volunteers and smart llamas.

3/26  Will and Moonshine arrived today.  They are father and son and do NOT get along.  Perhaps castration on March 31 will change that.  Nice looking, well fed llamas that need shearing, vaccinations, training.  Sue Leslie and Anna Reese, Leslie Lane Llamas are scheduled to come shear, vaccinate, trim toenails on the llamas here at the sanctuary on Monday April 4.  It is a major event that is paid for by a friend in South Central Llama Association.  Kudos to all the volunteer folks who will be involved in the "spa" day and to the shearers extraordinaire.

3/28  Thank you for your designation of SWLR for this past quarter: AmazonSmile has made a charitable donation to Southwest Llama Rescue Inc, in the amount of $114.67 as a result of qualifying purchases made by you and other customers who have selected this charity. Thanks to customers shopping at or using the Amazon app with AmazonSmile ON, everyday purchases make an impact.

3/29  SWLR is looking for volunteers in community help.  Come join us at a local foster farm or help online with legal issues, fundraising, record keeping, public relations, forms designs, administration. What talents can you offer? Volunteers can help at local foster farms in the compassionate care of rescue llamas/alpacas plus facilities maintenance. Help with the upkeep of the equipment or fencing or shelters or trailers that may need painting, repair.





2/1  baxter reported that she has filed the USDA Census of Ag for 2022 for SWLR operations.  There are no direct questions about llamas/alpacas being "raised"  but it does ask about chickens, regardless of ownership so she added in her chickens.  She considers the land used by the llamas/alpacas to be used rent free.  She asked if anyone else completes this survey for their own farms/ranches.  It resulted in a lively discussion expressing several different opinions.

2/4 baxter touted the value of llama associations and asked that everyone ask their llama contacts to join associations, and while they are at it, ask them to donate to llama/alpaca rescue.

2/4 Nicole is looking for waterproof coats for two sweet old ladies.  Contact her if you have one you would be willing to donate or sell.

2/6  Susan is rehoming several books.  Contact her if interested.

2/7  There will be a Spring Castration Clinic March 16th at Colorado State Vet Teaching Hospital.  Males have to be minimum of 18 months old .  Along with castration, they will do physical  Exam, cut nails/teeth, includes analgesics/antibiotics if needed.  Price: $55 alpacas, $65 llamas.  Contact: Joel Foote  There is a limited number they are taking, so sign up early. Contact Joel for requirements.

2/11 There will be a Live Zoom session with Linda Tellington-Jones
On Sunday, February 13th, at 11am PST join Linda Tellington-Jones and, Internationally recognized Camelid expert, Marty McGee Bennett to learn how she has adapted the Tellington TTouch Method to the handling, training and care of alpacas and llamas.
Marty's immersion into the Tellington Method really began in the 1980's on a three week journey to Australia called “Transformation on the Trail” that lead to the foundation of the CAMELIDynamics Program Marty has developed and shares around the world.
Linda and Marty will share some hilarious and sometimes life-changing stories from Marty’s memory-bank including: "A four-day camel safari wherein we treated our saddle sores with TTouch; climbed Uluru - the mysterious red rock in the middle of the Australian outback (when it was still allowed); attended the camel races in Alice Springs in which Linda placed 6th, yelling like a banshee from start to finish; where somebody (not me) saw Paul Hogan/Crocodile Dundee!
Followed by two weeks camping at the Crystal Waters Community where we spent a week learning to halter-train (not halter-break!) young horses and awoke each morning to the thumping of kangaroo grazing outside our tents and the spectacular alarm-clock calls of Whip Birds and Bell Birds. Then we stopped by the San Diego zoo park in Temecula where Linda worked with the 11-foot python named Joyce who is the inspiration for the “Python TTouch!" I believe the whole trip was 40 days! I lost 30 pounds and found myself."
This talk is FREE for everyone, but registration is required.
To register for the talk visit the link below:

2/27  SWLR signed  up for digital ads in the next 5 issues of the RMLA journal.  Thanks to L'illette for the design and the journal editor for help with the ad.

2/27  Training continues at the Kerrville sanctuary with the untrained or unsocialized llamas. Some of the llamas were trained  for adoption. 3 have been placed in a new home pending transportation and receipt of adoption fees. 3 more have a tentative home pending transportation. These are family/herd groups of 3 each. SWLR does our best to place the herd groups together.




1/3  The RMLA e-journal has just been published. Again, the journal is jam packed with articles of interest. Plus pictures in color!  SWLR has an ad in the magazine. Kudos to those involved in the production of the journal. Consider supporting the journal and RMLA by sending in an article.

1/7 baxter is working on the state and federal reports of the nonprofit's accomplishments required for the maintenance of SWLR's 501(c)3 status.  She needs every volunteer to send her an estimate of the time spent, miles driven plus the number of llamas/alpacas that were helped in any way during the year.  Here is a sample from 2020 reported on SWLR's form 990: 

"In 2020, over 10,000 hours were donated by volunteers to accomplish rescue and care, feeding, medical care, and transportation (over 10,000 miles) of over 100 llamas/alpacas. Over 50 llamas/alpacas were placed in permanent homes, or re-homed, or into permanent foster care. Over 40 llamas/alpacas are in temporary foster care. Area of rescue included most states in the western US."

1/8  Thanks to Jordan Stevens’ friends and family, the Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc. (SWLR) has named one of their new llamas in Jordan’s honor!  So meet Jordan the Llama!  And since Jordan’s birthday is coming up on the 24th of January, please consider donating to the llama rescue in his name.

1/9  baxter attached a general letter used for in-kind donations.  Print the letter and insert your items.  It is similar to the form you would receive from any nonprofit and you can use it for tax purposes.  Anything of value to the rescue may be deductible since Southwest Llama Rescue is a 501(c)3.

1/16  Summary of the donations given this year are in the mail.  Also, SWLR bumper stickers are mailed to many of you.  If you don't receive them soon and want stickers, please let baxter know.
1/17  You might have heard about the #BettyWhiteChallenge, a viral campaign urging Betty White fans and animal lovers across the nation to donate $5 or more to shelters and rescues in honor of what would have been her 100th birthday.  Betty was one of the biggest advocates for animals in need, so we invite you to be part of this campaign.
Together, we can help make Betty White's legacy live on. Please consider a donation today to Southwest Llama Rescue in Betty's honor. or via paypal @swlr
$135 has been raised for Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.

1/30  Southeast Llama Rescue has an estate planning guide for planning for animals' care.  Deborah Logan was kind enough to share it.  It is attached.

1/30  Alicia had a message about a 6 week alpaca cria for sale in Alabama.  She's looking for someone in the area and is trying to get more information and hoping she can work something out to get mom and cria to safety.  There's also a 3 week old cute male appy llama listed too.



4/4  Today was shearing day at the Kerrville Sanctuary.  They were shorn, vaccinated and had their toenails trimmed.  It was a long day but all went well.

4/8  One llama was castrated and another 6 looked at when the vet visited today.

4/10  Thank you to those who ran fundraisers in February on Facebook.  SWLR received $336 thru Network for Good distribution with anonymous donations from facebook. SWLR also received $30 from iGive (anonymous) for a donation in November 2021. iGive takes a while to process the funds, plus the check is mailed.  SWLR continues to use the donations for feed and vet care.

4/11  A memorial service for Cindy is planned for April 14, weather permitting, at 10AM in the pasture in Kerrville with the "boys" in attendance.  The plan is to record some of the service and post it. Cindy died a year ago in April.  More details soon.

4/14  Too good not to share again if you missed the story of Lewis the llama.

4/15  Brooke posted pictures to the volunteers Facebook page asking for help identifying two dermatological spots on her undercarriage. She's been given oral Safeguard and oral Ivermectin.  Any ideas?

4/16  SWLR welcomed new members Cole, Sona and Alexis to the group.

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